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Another A+ EPC & Net Zero Carbon Eco Classroom | ECO POD DESIGN

Our latest green school building, which was installed at Grove Primary School in Suffolk, has just been given a -9 rated EPC. To put this in context the person responsible for our SBEM calculations has never seen a building this energy efficient in over 20 years in the industry.
Whilst our competitors claim to be ‘Eco-friendly’, we are the only manufacturer of green school buildings that seems to get awarded an A+ EPC rating, and we keep doing it.
As you can imagine this is no piece of luck, our Eco Classrooms were over a year in development with AFL architects, and have had numerous engineers going through every last detail to ensure our buildings are the most Eco-friendly like for like buildings on the market.
Everything that goes into our pods has been painstakingly assessed and we are constantly reviewing and improving our techniques.
From the ground up this building benefits from:
Recycled plastic foundations
FSC timber frame
Recycled wood fiber insulation
Recycled decking
FSC engineered oak flooring
Low U value double glazed doors and windows
Air source heating and air conditioning
LED dimmable lighting with 20 year lifespans
Rainwater harvesting
Recycled EPDM roof
4kWh Solar PV
By running all products and materials through rigorous tests we are able to accurately predict the final EPC rating before we even start building our stunning pods.
As the running costs for the building are negligible, the building will actually make the school money from the energy put back into the grid.
The clever use of materials means that if needed in the very distant future, the whole structure can be recycled and the materials re-used for other products.
On top of this the use of natural materials, and the flow of natural light into the building, have been proven to improve learning and have a calming effect on students.
In short not only do our school buildings get awarded the best energy efficiency ratings, and use the most Eco-friendly materials, they are arguably the most inspiring and beautiful buildings on the market.
Keep a close eye on our blog as we have many more buildings going in over the next few months, some of which will have new designs. We are constantly raising the bar and will be announcing more superb energy efficiency ratings very soon!
For more information on any of our Eco buildings please call us on 0330 377 3873 or email info@ecopoddesign.co.uk.